Mygani LLC, is a lifestyle brand that creates inspirational products and platforms for women + girls of color. All of the images on the products were designed by the company’s owner, Felicia Wright. Mrs. Wright has over 20 years as a branding strategist and used her expertise to create products that empower women of color with naturally curly hair. Mygani’s award-winning accessories have been featured multiple times in Essence. Additionally, the company‚Äôs signature annual event, Curls and Convo™, is a platform that instills the value of confident in women + girls regardless of their hair texture or skin complexion.

In 2020 Mygani LLC was named best custom accessories by Best Boss Gala. And in 2021 the company was nominated again.

Mygani LLC has been featured in Essence, Forbes, Rivercity Live, Voyage ATL, Voyage MIA, Buzz Tv and First Coast Living.