Why I’m not enough!

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a VIP pre-screening for the movie Mom’s Night Out. I found out about the pre-screening from another mom in Mentoring Mamas and I invited one of my girlfriends.

BEFORE we even got to the movies…OUR NIGHT STARTED SHAKY!!

I thought for a minute about not going because my husband was sick, my 2-year old was following me around the house and was crying as I was leaving (hate when that happens). THEN because I was on the phone all day, my phone was just about to die as I was on my way to pick up one of the moms (and I’ve never been to her house before so if the phone went totally dead I wouldn’t be able to call if I got lost…Argh). THEN my girlfriend calls me (phone still working but not for much longer) and says she is lost because she went a different way…as I tried to explain and figure out where she was I was praying please don’t let the phone die!

FINALLY we all made it to the movie theater! (Although we had to wait what seemed like 40 minutes to get our food from the concession). Mind you this was a Thursday night and no one was in line (I guess they had to go to another state and catch the chicken(lol). Side note: Did you know that some theaters now serve full meals: hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches, french fries, etc.. I gotta get out more?

Oh and check out the FREE items in the swag bag we received!!

moms night out2

So the movie begins…the first thing I remember is one of the moms saying she was a mommy blogger…and WOW she has 3 followers. Already I can relate (lol). Without giving away the whole movie (Which opens in theaters Mother’s Day weekend). This is a must see for moms of all ages. As moms we wear so many hats and life can take a toll on us making us second guess our purpose . But no matter what we go through being a mom is one of the GREATEST GIFTS in life.

Know that you are uniquely imperfect and that’s JUST ENOUGH!!

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