The Best Princess Partea’… Eva! #Disneyside

princess tiana disneyside
Let me start by saying when I was contacted and told I was chosen to host a #Disneyside party I was beyond excited! We have a 2 (almost 3-year-old) daughter and I knew she would love it.

If you have toddlers you know their attention span is less 0! About 4 months ago I let her watch Princess and the Frog with Princess Tiana…to my surprise she loved it and it kept her attention.

(So it’s my go to when I need a few minutes to get some housework done).


Princess Tiana 5.5x5.5 invote













(Above is the invitation I created…using my creative design skills)

When we received our #Disneyside package we were equally pleased with items that had Sofia the first on it (another favorite Disney princess). Which worked out well because we just saw an episode of Sofia the first when Princess Tiana stopped by to give her some advice.

As I begin to plan for the party I really wanted to incorporated Princess Tiana. It was a challenge finding things because she has been out since 2009. After posting what I was looking for on Facebook one of my fellow moms told me about a local store that had some Princess Tiana party items in clearance. I went their the next day and after seeing what they had I decided to talk to the owner to see if they would be willing to donate some items for the party as a sponsor. They graciously said YES and we received the following Princess Tiana items from The Party Shop (Southside Blvd location):

– Princess Tiana Rings
– 5ft Princess Tiana cardboard (see below)
– 6ft Princess Tiana wall backslash
– Silver leaf Princess Tiana tiaras
– Princess Tiana napkins
– Princess Tiana tulle skirt costume (see below)

2015-02-21 16.53.48


As a mompreneur I am very involved in the community and I always try to find ways to collaborate and help support other small businesses.

Since we had toddlers I didn’t have “planned” activities. This age group is creative and just want to play with one another so I just had an open play area for them to play with my daughters’ toys. I did however let them watch The Princess and the frog movie while they ate popcorn in their cardboard cars (which my husband made 30 minutes before the party!) We also had pizza, turkey and ham sliders, fruit (donated by our friend at Dole) and strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing my cousin made…yummy. Of course the kids only ate the frosting! #classic



(Below photo is of the girls watching the movie in their cardboard cars)

disney side princess t cardboard box





2015-02-21 14.26.02



(Above photo is our “spread” for the day plus Hershey kisses (in their special frog box)
“I will neva, eva kiss a frog” – Princess Tiana!”)

Since it was a nice day outside we decided to take the kids outside and blow bubbles. I think this was the highlight of the day! Plus they got to go home with AWESOME good bags(see below): nail polish, lip gloss, a ring, a bracelet, stickers!

2015-02-23 10.11.56

2015-02-21 15.18.00

Special THANK YOU to Mom Select, Disney, The Party Shop, HP, All, Twinning’s Tea for all the products. This was an AWESOME experience and we appreciate being selected. Next stop Disney World!!

Disclosure: I received free products in order to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration party.


Chaos and THE CEO: The life of a MOMpreneur!


As moms we have the hardest and most rewarding job in the world!. Now add entrepreneur to the resume and things get very interesting (#MOMpreneur). As mompreneurs  we want to have the flexibility of spending quality time with our families while still growing and maintaining a successful business, right? I quickly learned that with my new client (my little one) there would be multiple interruptions, numerous emergencies, and unscheduled assignments (lol). So I had to find ways to restructure how I did business if I wanted to succeed.


1. Hours of operation: Implement set hours just as if you were working in Corporate or outside of the home. Even though you work from home it is critical to set hours and stick to them in order to create a barrier between work and home. I found it worked better for me to devote specific days to work as opposed to hours of the day. My work schedule is 4 days a week  and no weekends (with very limited exceptions for projects with tight deadlines). Multi-tasking is not your friend, well it’s not mine! I found that when I truly focused on one thing at a time whether it was personal or business I was able to give my best. Committing to your work schedule doesn’t just mean the hours you physically dedicate to work but it also means turning off your “work hat” mentally. How many times have you not been working but constantly thinking about what you had to do the next day? …I know I’m guilty of this. If you don’t get it finished that night don’t worry about it, wait to finish it the next day (unless you are on a tight deadline). But sometimes we put unnecessary stress on ourselves.

Tip 1 : Even if you work after hours on occasion when everyone else in the house is asleep. Schedule your email responses or social media posts to go out the next day during your normal business hours.

Tip 2 : Once you and the little one are on a schedule things run a little smoother…of course there will always be surprises (lol)

2. Join mommy and me organization(s): This was especially important to me because I wanted to interact with other moms but I also wanted my child to interact with other kids since she was still at home with me. There are so many mommy and me organizations that the choice of which one to join can be overwhelming. Most meet at least once a week and may have a minimal annual membership fee. Before joining ask other moms you know what their experience was like and then go and visit some of the organizations that are of interest to you. Most of the organizations will let you visit at least 2 times for FREE before you join.

Tip 1: Your public library is a great place to take your little one for story time, interaction with other kids, music, arts and crafts and it’s all FREE!

Tip 2: If you don’t see a group that fits your needs, start your own! As long as you have a few mompreneurs that are going through similar experiences and can support one another that’s all you really need.


3.Quality vs Quantity: As an entrepreneur you think to yourself I want everyone to be my client, I will never turn down a project, right??  Being in marketing I know how critical it is to hone in on your niche market and authentically engage with your target audience. But as a fresh faced entrepreneur I wanted my business to grow and as long as I had clients I was good, right? Now add a little one to the mix and your mentality and priorities quickly change to your new title #MOMpreneur and don’t forget spouse (for those that are married).

One of the main goals for most entrepreneurs is to be successful monetarily, but the journey to get to that point can be challenging. Because my priorities and time changed after I had my little one, I recognized that I needed to re-focus my energy on who my ideal clients are. This meant not accepting every referral and prospective project that came my way. This strategy was also a reflection of my personal brand. Your personal brand isn’t just about YOU, but also about the people (clients, vendors, etc) you align yourself with. As an entrepreneur YOU are the face of YOUR COMPANY. By adopting this mentality you are able to offer your ideal clients the best (quality) versus accepting everything (quantity) that comes across your desk. It also allows you to spend less time working on things that don’t align with your values and goals and more time with your family.

Tip 1: Adopt this concept “Work smarter, not harder”.

Tip 2: Developing quality partnerships creates loyal relationships.


Of course everyone MOMpreneur’s experience is different and things change once your child gets older or you have more kids. But hopefully these tips have helped you in some way. Please feel free to share your tips in the comment box below or pass them on to someone you know.