Florida Sales Tax Holiday August 2-4, 2013

Florida tax exempt sales 2013

I just received my Florida TIP (Tax Information Publication) in the mail… I always thought the “Sales Holiday” tax exempt was more for families with school-aged kids to stock up on school supplies before schools starts in the Fall. But as I read  the publication I noticed the sales exempt list also included baby-related items, plus so much more. For all my new mommies… it’s time to stock up:) Click here for all of Florida tax exempt  items (pages 6-7)

⁃ Baby clothes

⁃ Bibs

⁃ Diaper Bags

⁃ Diapers

This list was for Florida, but check here to see if it applies to your state.


Simple Facebook tips to take your business to the next level!


  1. Consistency. Create a Facebook cover page and profile that aligns with the look of your website and other marketing tools. It adds consistency to your brand.
  2. Content. When a viewer is on the “home page” of your Facebook business page, the about section only shows 155 characters. Make sure you include the most important content first. TIP: Include a link to your company website first. See example 
  3. Hashtags. Like Twitter, Facebook has now implemented hashtags in posts. #Hashtags make names and phrases  into clickable links in your posts and helps organize who else is using the same #. It’s a great way to connect with similar brands or to scope out the competition. Use hashtags that are consistent with your business does…treat them as keywords. e.g. The top three hashtags for @Mygani Design Studio are  #brand, #personalbrand, #marketing.
  4. Schedule. Schedule a specific day(s) when you post on Facebook and do it consistently. I post on Monday mornings and my posts are linked to my blog and Twitter to cut down on posting multiple times.
  5. Engage. When you post you also need to be engaging. Communicate with your followers and supporters by responding to inquiries the same day.
  6. Become the expert. Provide industry tips to your fans, become the “expert” in your field. A quick rule of thumb…post 80% information and 20% promotion.
  7. Time management. Facebook and other social media sites can become very time consuming! To be more effective use third parties like Hootsuite to schedule posts. These posts can be tips or other relevant info that isn’t date sensitive. However you still want to post recent news that’s “happening now” and relate it back to what your business does.
  8. Quantity vs Quality. Many times I see Facebook pages that have thousands or of followers…but the question is how many of those followers are authentic. Are they just following the page because of a promotion or deal? How often do you analyze your Facebook Page Insights (available to pages of 30 or more likes) to get a more accurate look at the demographics and data of who likes your page? The key is not to focus on quantity but quality…focus your marketing goals on the data that will get you #results. Otherwise you are just posting.
  9. Scheduled posts. I’m sure we all know by now that Facebook can become so time consuming, right! Did you know Facebook has a feature where you can schedule your posts on your timeline and from another website? Click here for details.

I hope these tips have helped you. Please feel free to pass them on. For additional questions you can contact me directly or leave a comment.



Learning to say NO!

stop sign

As an entrepreneur choosing your clients #targetmarket is essential to maintaining the success of your business. Sometimes saying NO is the right answer. Pay attention to #REDflags


Simple SEO tips!

Below are some basic SEO tips to implement immediately and start increasing visibility of your brand! All these resources are FREE!

  • Use content in your website that pertains to your business ( keywords)
  • Name your images keywords that relate to your business; don’t use caps
  • Link to other websites and social media pages
  • Update your website at least once a week
  • Start a blog with unique content to use about your business and brand
  • Sign up for Google Analytics 
  • Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools 
  • Use web safe fonts 
  • Check how your website looks in other browsers