Raising an entrepreneur

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Recently I had a conference call with some mompreneurs in the Mentoring Mamas™ program I facilitate. The topic: Raising an entrepreneur. Although we all have business in various industries… we could all relate to having done multiple aspects of the business: marketing, finances, sales, presenting, etc.

As a business owner, two things I’ve learned and noticed is that I have become more self-confident in my abilities and my leadership skills. When you are the only or main one in the business you become the face  of the business… you have to step up and handle situations that someone else would have handled for you when you were in corporate.

It’s scary… but at the same time it has help me grow personally and professionally. I’ve even noticed my 2 year old is more social…she speaks to everyone when we are out. She even grabbed a handful of my business cards one day before we left the house for a business meeting. So I can see some of the same traits I am learning she is picking up on.

What are some other ways we can get our kids involved in the business. Not so much for them to have a businessor be an entrepreneur one day (if that’s not right for them) but the traits and characteristics we can instill in them now while they are young and they can apply into adulthood. Please feel free to leave your comments below. I would love to hear your experiences!


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Invest in YOU

The other day my family and I went to Panda Express for a quick lunch. Of course you always get fortune cookies, some make sense some don’t. But this time I opened one with a simple but POWERFUL message. Your best investment is in YOURSELF!

fortune cookie