Delta/Southwest feature Jacksonville, FL

You know those airplane magazines you flip through when you’ve finished reading your book or listening to your ipod? Well this time you need to pay close attention to the details. This year Jacksonville, FL was the city featured in the Delta and Southwest airline magazines. Focusing on the city’s history, its waterways, medical facilities, golfing, hotels and restaurants. The magazines’ communication partner held a premier launching at the MOCA. In the Delta Sky magazine on page 80. I had the honor of designing an ad for the City of Jacksonville featuring Downtown, World of Nations, Jacksonville Jazz Festival and Sail Jacksonville.


FCAAC Heritage Breakfast

Ok, so today I had to get up at 5:30 am in order to attend the FCAAC Heritage Breakfast at the Hyatt downtown. I was so sleepy. But when I got there, I was greeted by the wonderful FCAAC staff and plate of fresh fruit! I sat at the table with a group of fellow colleagues that are participating in a mentor program through the FCAAC this spring. The guest speaker was, A.D. Roberts, Our Spirits Renewed. Sometimes you just need to hear an encouraging word from someone to brighten up your day. He talked about the power in the word hope. He gave an analogy of buying a lottery ticket, and the feeling that he could possible win millions, travel anywhere, buy whatever he wanted… Wow! what an awesome feeling to have unlimited possibilities. Lottery ticket $1 • Winnings $0 • The Possibility PRICELESS.


What are your kids eating?

Today I had the unique opportunity to visit the DCPS Nutrition Service Center for a MWBE Vendor Expo in conjunction with Aramark Education. With a scene right out of a Honey Bunches of Oats commercial, I was ready to tour the “kitchen”. To my surprise the “cafeteria lady” isn’t the one making meatloaf surprise anymore. At the DCPS Nutrition Service Center, they have strategically come up with innovative ways to make healthy breakfast and lunch choices for the kids. All the ingredients were fresh and made to order.


MLK Peace Tiles

Felicia Wright, of Mygani Design Studio, volunteered with Hands on Jacksonville to help kids design peace tiles in celebration of Martin Luther King. “I think she had more fun than the kids!”


Principal for a day

Today we were chosen as one of the elite business partners
in collaboration with Duval County Public Schools to participate in Principal for a day. We were paired up with Henry F. Kite Elementary, where Erdine Johnson is principal. Wow, now I see why the kids and teachers say, “Ms Johnson you’re my favorite principal!”
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