Branding Audit and Assessment

Welcome! You are here because you are committed to taking your business to the next level. One critical step is by developing the steps to build your brand. My name is Felicia Wright, mompreneur and branding strategist of Mygani LLC. With over 18 years of experience in the creative marketing industry, I coach other entrepreneurs to develop effective and engaging brands. “The word brand isn’t just a buzz word, it’s the life-line of who you are and where you are going”.

I have keen listening skills that give me the ability to be a major visionary; empowering my clients to excel personally and professionally. In this session YOU will assess the value of your brand and WHAT it is today and WHERE you see it going.

In order to effectively develop a strong brand you need to have a strong foundation. Answering questions about who you are and who you want to serve with clarity will help you reach the RIGHT audience. For a limited time I will be offering a Branding Audit and Assessment for entrepreneurs.

***PLEASE NOTE: Skype Consultations are ONLY held on Thursday evenings between 6-8pm (EST) in 15 minute sessions. We advise you register 2 weeks prior to your consult via Skype or by phone. Connect with me on Skype felicia.wright74***

  1. Register/Select Appointment
  2. Fill Out Creative Brief
  3. Receive One-on-One Consultation

Click here to reserve YOUR spot Today. I will only accept 10 clients per month.
**BONUS** When you participate in the Branding Audit and Assessment that fee can be applied to any of our services $600 or more. It’s like getting the assessment for FREE!

For additional questions please email directly if you have any questions.


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