Does your company support maternity leave?

Two months ago Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting and created quite the uproar, especially for working mothers with young children. She recently implemented a new maternity policy, for both mommies and daddies to take up to eight weeks of paid child leave, with benefits, each time they have a new child. New mommies are also entitled to an additional eight weeks of paid leave after pregnancy. Having a new baby is stressful enough, not having the added stress of financial burden helps so many families, physically and mentally. Does your company support new mommies and expanding families?

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Felicia Wright is the mompreneur and branding strategist of Mygani LLC, a service-based marketing firm that helps women entrepreneurs in develop effective and engaging brands. Felicia's keen listening skills give her the ability to be a major visionary; empowering her clients to excel in life and in business!


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