Why I’m NOT a salesperson!

Have you ever said to yourself… “I love being an entrepreneur and helping people, but when it comes to sales it’s just not my thing..I’m not a salesperson?”  I can relate I’ve been there on more than one occasion.

Shot of a smiling ethnic woman sitting in her clothing boutique writing something down on her calendar

As an entrepreneur many times we are the ONE and ONLY person in our business so we tend to wear many hats. I work with mompreneurs, many of whom have home-based businesses, the overall challenge for most of them is trying to find harmony between raising their family and growing a successful business. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do, but without bringing in a profit my business won’t survive.

An Aha moment for me was in changing my mindset about money. I had to first realize that even though I kept my personal and business expenses separate, if I adopted the right mind set I would be able to excel in both. In the United States there are approximately 75 million mothers, 85 percent of whom influence their household purchases. According to the Marketing to Moms Coalition, that’s about $2.1 trillion per year in spending. YES! moms  and women have a HUGE influence on what purchases are made for the household, even if they are not the main bread winners.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the money to do things….it was that I wasn’t properly managing the money I did have. I made a conscious effort to change how I saw money which directly effected my personal spending habits. These are a few of the changes I made:

  1. I stopped buying “unnecessary” things for my daughter (She doesn’t need a bunch of toys or an excess of clothes)
  2. I ate at home more and less eating out (This is a big one)
  3. I stopped buying little things at the Dollar store or things just because they are on sale

**Note these are my “weaknesses”… you decide what areas you need to change**

Once I was able to be more focused and conscious of my spending habits, I realized I had “extra money” to put towards my business; buying business cards, setting a website, hiring a coach, etc.
And the #1 RESULT:

  1. I was able to choose WISELY who I worked with!  I didn’t just say yes to everyone that wanted to work with me and I was able to secure QUALITY clients versus just right now clients because I needed the money, whatever the amount was.  (All money ain’t good money…yes I said ain’t (lol) This is HUGE!! Which ultimately made me a BETTER salesperson! I was more confident in my approach and process and it helped me attract the RIGHT clients.

If you get a chance I encourage you to read the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy. It was one of the books selected by mompreneur and antique owner, Deidra Simon, for our Mentoring Mamas Book Club. #jointheride

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Don’t just make an empty New Year’s Resolution(s), make a lifestyle change!



Easily identify your kid’s stuff!

2015-11-11 10.56.24If you have toddlers in school you know they like to share and trade things. And if they are at a private school were they wear uniforms and carry the same type of backpack, their things can easily be mixed up.

Recently I had the opportunity to try Labeldaddy. A site that sells labels to personalize and identify your child’s belongings. They have labels for cups, clothes, backpacks. They even come in different shapes, sizes and have characters from Disney to the NBA.


I decided to try the zipper tags. It came in a pack of 10 tags with Princess Tiana on one side and my daughter’s name on the other side. So far we have placed them on her backpack. She loves them!! The only downside I can see is the tags are very small, about the size of a dime. I wish they were a little bigger but the quality is nice.


2015-11-06 14.36.45


(I received the product mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”)



The day my 3 year SHUT DOWN a theme park!

If you live in Florida, one of the first BIG adventures you want to accomplish with your kids is take them to Disney World or one of the other major theme parks in Orlando. As a mom of a now three year old little girl, I contemplated when this adventure would take place….what age should we take her? Is three too young to go? Will she remember it?

Mommy and SW legoland

With my husband’s hectic schedule this year, we decided to take a mini vacation at the end of September. Vacationing in the fall and during the week meant there would be smaller crowds, because school was back in session, and cooler weather, which made walking around and standing in line more bearable.

Planning before you go.
Before we decided which park we would take our 3 year old to, I did some extensive research. Yes, I admit that I may have an A type personality (lol). First, I asked other moms who I know have taken their toddlers to theme parks what their experiences were like. Second, I looked at which parks had age and height requirements. Most parks don’t necessarily go by the child’s age for safety requirements on the rides, but rather by the child’s height. Third, as a military spouse, I had my husband check the Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT) office on base to see if their tickets were cheaper than online or the Florida resident discounts.

Where did we decide  to go….drumroll pleaseLegoland Florida !!! Located about 45 minutes southwest of Orlando! Our 3 year old was tall enough to ride on about 90% of their rides as long as she was accompanied by an adult. Just make sure you look at the ride first before getting on. There were a few roller coasters with deep dips and turns, so we decided to pass on them, even though she met the height requirements.

2015-10-12 13.12.28

2015-10-12 21.46.25
On the military base, the ticket prices start at about $52 per adult. However, by purchasing ours on base we saved almost 50% off. Bonus: Military veterans get in FREE with valid ID! NOTE: Parking starts at $17. Before you go make sure you check the open dates for the water park (an additional fee)…it apparently has different hours from the rest of the park. Although the Waterpark was not open during our visit, the rest of the park had a few water rides.

What should you bring?
Moms of little ones know you have to pack “everything, but the kitchen sink”, when traveling. Even though 3 year olds aren’t babies anymore, they still need many of the basics. Especially items like water and snacks; these items can be very expensive inside the park. And if you have more kids….mo kids, mo money! I also suggest bringing cash for a frozen treat or souvenir. Below is a list of things we brought with us:

  1. Small backpack
  2. Water
  3. Non-perishable snacks
  4. Change of clothes
  5. Baby wipes
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Cool clothes/comfortable shoes
  9. Clorox wipes
  10. Cash

I would rate our overall experience at Legoland Florida a 4-star. We arrived at the park around 1pm after lunch at Zaxby’s and left right at 5pm (Yes! We shut the park down!). Did I mention our 3 year had an EPIC melt-down because she didn’t want to get off of the Safari ride…did I mention it was an EPIC meltdown?! Who else is going through the toddler stage? Ya’ll know the struggle is real!! Unfortunately, no matter how much you plan, there’s always the unexpected. (This is the reason for 4-stars)

2015-10-12 15.48.05

(This Ford SUV is made out of ALL legos…created from more than 380,000 LEGO bricks!)

2015-10-12 13.48.57

We were able to walk to entire park, ride about 6 rides, see a show in Heart Lake City, play a few basketball games (my husband won our daughter a stuffed Minion), tour the AMAZING city displays – all made of Legos and have a yummy frozen treat.

All in all, I have to say it was a Good Day! (In my Ice Cube voice)

andrea and SW legoland




MUMpreneur vs MOMpreneur…Is there a difference?

If you’ve reached this page, thank you for joining us for another episode of HERstory, a radio segment featuring women entrepreneurs. With host Felicia Wright, mompreneur of Mygani and creator of Mentoring Mamas.

I had the pleasure of interviewing another fellow mompreneur, Anne Bona, owner of the MumpreneursCoach. Click below to hear our in-depth conversation about life, business and everything else in between. Different countries. Similar experiences.

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Mommy and Me Natural Hair Care Workshop

Some of you may know that I have been planning a self-confidence event for moms and young girls for over a year. This is event is very close to my heart because I want young girls and women to know that there are uniquely special. Although we are using the topic of natural hair…the GOAL of the event is to have open conversations about embracing who you are and instilling the value of self-confidence in our young girls (children) and us (moms)

Since I began planning this event..I have reached out to several companies for partnerships and donations. I am humbled by how many companies AND individuals have graciously agreed to support this event.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to SheaMoisture for their awesome support and donation!! ‪#‎abetterwaytobeautiful‬ I am beyond excited to partner with a ‪#‎brand‬ that provides quality products for moms and their families AND gives back to the community. ‪#‎mompreneur‬ ‪#‎mentoringmamas ‪#‎natural hair‬‪ #‎beYOU‬ ‪#‎selfconfidence‬ ‪#‎socialentrepreneur‬ ‪#‎visionary influencer‬‪#‎mommysgirl‬ #beYOU

We had the privilege of speaking with Angela Spears on her radio segment JAX Engage.

**We look forward to seeing you at our Mommy and Me Natural Hair Care Workshop August 8! You can register here!**

radio interview 7-2015.soft

Click ABOVE to hear our interview. Of course my “assistant”  was all business (lol)