About Felicia

Felicia Wright’s journey as an amazing mom is an impressive and inspiring one. It began in 2011, while pregnant with Savannah, she worked diligently and completed her master’s degree in business administration (MBA) at the University of Phoenix. She continued her studies right up until the delivery date in 2012 and after a short three month break for maternity leave, returned and finished her additional concentration courses in marketing. Felicia was blessed to have the opportunity to attend graduate school when she received a full scholarship based on her community service.

In 2013, Felicia made the ultimate selfless sacrifice and put her career on hold to become a full time mom while her husband deployed overseas with his military unit. Upon his return, Felicia rekindled her entrepreneurial spirit and developed Mentoring Mamas™, a signature mentoring program designed to support mompreneurs in the unique issues moms face raising a family while growing a business: “Connecting Motherhood to Business”. Felicia accomplished this by facilitating monthly meetings to encourage and empower the moms to be confident in their personal and professional lives.

Despite all of her responsibilities, Felicia still finds the time to be extremely active in Savannah’s life as she has never fully relinquished her role as a full time mom. She takes Savannah to school every day, helps her with her homework, and participates in Savannah’s fund raisers. On top of all of this, Felicia is the Mompreneur and Branding Strategist of Mygani LLC (formally Mygani Design Studio), a service-based marketing firm she established in 2004 after 10 years in Corporate America as a senior graphic designer. She is also a business adjunct instructor for Florida Community College at Jacksonville and an active volunteer with several local nonprofits.

Additionally Felicia launched her signature event series Naturally Confident™a natural hair event that aims to instill the value of self-confidence in our women and young girls… regardless of their hair texture or skin complexion. These events are held quarterly throughout the year.

Felicia is the ideal role model for anyone looking to have a positive impact on their community. Her selfless efforts both inside and outside the home are greatly appreciated by all those she connects with.

Please feel free to connect with Felicia directly at fwright (at) mygani (dot) com. Click here to check out her numerous professional accomplishments.



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